Additionally, please be aware there is a minimum of $5.00 fee associated with providing copies of documents.  You will be notified of the exact cost prior to releasing the records. The completed records requests will be mailed to the requestor, or may be picked up in person at the Fire Marshal’s office. Requests will not be released without payment. 

General Inquires 

Including requests for records such as building inspection reports, hazardous materials records, fire code violations reports, etc. are maintained by the Fire Marshal’s office.  A detailed description of the records that are being requested is needed to fulfill your request.

Fire Investigation Reports

Depending on the complexity and other factors of an incident, reports may not be completed for weeks or months.  Requests for a Fire Report MUST include ADDRESS of the fire or incident and the DATE OF INCIDENT. The minimum fee for the report is $5.00.  Often, digital images are taken and kept as part of the file.  Typically all of the images fit on one CD/DVD disk.  The fee to have the disk created is $15.00.  Advise immediately as to whether you would like a copy of the disk with the digital images on file.  

Fire Dispatch Records 

When making a request of 911 Fire Dispatch be as specific as possible by including the names, dates, times, locations of the incident.  

Environmental Records

The retention of any documents, permits, and lab results from underground storage tank removals are the responsibility of the property owner.  The Stamford Fire Marshal’s Office, as a courtesy to property owner, does keep records of underground oil tank removals when provided. Be aware that not all tanks have a record of removal. Due to the volume of these type inquiries, we ask that you provide adequate time for response as all requests will be processed in the order received.

Tier II Reporting

Reports can be submitted to [email protected] or mailed to the Office of the Fire Marshal.