Stamford Firefighters Local 786 Burn Foundation
Stamford Fire Headquarters, 2nd Floor
629 Main Street
Stamford, CT 06901
Phone: (203) 977-5971

The Stamford Fire Fighters Burn Foundation was founded in January 1983 after four Stamford firefighters were seriously burned at a chemical fire in the south end. At that time we knew very little about the ramification of serious burns. We learned that there are many problems not only with the burn victims but also with the lack of support for the many needs of sound burn prevention programs and the research effort for extensive burn care.

Over the last sixteen years our foundation has received wonderful support from the local community. Our three major goals, burn education, burn treatment research and the support of the local emergency rooms and burn treatment facilities have been met each year through your continued involvement. Once again we are looking for your support and know that our programs will be well funded through your continued generosity. Our foundation is staffed completely by Stamford Firefighters who donate their time allowing us to keep our operational costs remains extremely low. We have full Internal Revenue Public Foundation Status, making your gift completely tax-deductible. We appreciate your involvement and thank you for your support.

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