Welcome to the Stamford Fire Department Media Corner.

The Stamford Fire Department is committed to the safety of all citizens living in, and traveling through our wonderful City. A major component of providing for that safety is a well-informed public.  The mission of our Public Information Division is to provide our residents, visitors, and the media – with information relative to operational issues involving the Stamford Fire Department on a timely and accurate basis.

Please keep in mind that the release of information or delivery of public education will be balanced with the need to maintain operational security, governmental interest, as well as the privacy rights of individuals and organizations.

Interested people can view our Media Releases, past and present, at any time by clicking on the links below.  You can also register to receive notifications of releases and briefs through e-mail by completing the form below.  But the truly quickest way to keep up to date with us is by following us on our Facebook Page and/or Twitter account.  All media releases posted at StamfordFire.com are automatically posted on these two accounts simultaneously.

Any media, including photos and videos found on our Media Releases (at the link below), may be re-broadcast or shared by you and/or your organization.  All other media contained on our website may or may not be copyrighted.  Please take care to review the credits associated with each item outside of the Media Release category.

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