Office of the Fire Chief
Stamford Fire Department Headquarters
629 Main Street, 3rd Floor
Stamford, CT  06902
Phone: (203) 977-4671


Fire Chief Trevor Roach

Welcome to Stamford Fire Department’s World Wide Web site. The goal of our department is to protect and make safe the people of the City of Stamford. The Internet is just one more way for us to continually improve our service to the people of Stamford. This department is constantly researching ways of improving are ability to serve and also protect our members. One of my goals has been to utilize electronic medium to accomplish this goal. We are very well equipped to handle just about any fire/EMS related incident. The key to a truly successful department is in prevention of serious injury and loss from fire/EMS incidents. If the information shared by our department on this web site educates the public and prevents one injury or loss of life that is a degree of success that can not be measured.