Your Numbers Up!:
Did you know that City Ordinance 804 requires your home and/or business to clearly display the street number on your building. Failure to do so could result in a delay of live-saving emergency responders from reaching you. If you are elderly, sick or otherwise unable to fullfill the requirements, let us know and well send personnel to put your numbers up for you.

Fire Victim Help:
If you have been displaced by a fire and need immediate assistance contact our Office of Public Information & Relations and a representitive will meet with you. The Fire Department representitieve will give you a book loaded with federal, state and local information to help get your life back in order.

Fire Station Tours: 

Station tours may be scheduled on any Tuesday and Wednesday of each month. School groups, church groups, clubs, and organizations are welcome to visit the fire stations and speak with the on-duty crews. In this learning environment, the firefighters will share their work day routine and the duties and responsibilities of their job. Presentations are available for all age groups.

School Presentations:
School presentations can be scheduled to address fire safety issues in many areas for entire school assemblies or a single classroom presentation. The grade level will determine the level of presentations, the type of handout material, and the style of instruction. Please note that school presentations are subject to the engine company being pulled away to respond to an emergency in the City.

Public Fire Safety Demonstrations:
Requests for the fire apparatus at public functions can be scheduled. Information regarding type of function, the sponsoring group, the time requested for the personnel to attend the event, and the type of audience are considerations we look at to tailor the presentation to your needs. Please note that public demonstrations are subject to the engine company being pulled away to respond to an emergency in the City.

Fire & Life Safety Seminars:
The Fire Department provides a variety of public safety seminars including Carbon Monoxide Awareness and Elderly Fire Safety.

Other Training Courses:
The Fire Department provides training for Stamford businesses and citizen groups. Training can be provided in the areas of portable fire extinguishers, understanding basic fire behavior, emergency evacuation planning, hazardous materials management planning, disaster preparedness, and senior home fire safety. We request a minimum of one month notice to facilitate scheduling of your event with our staff. When scheduling, please provide the initial date you request, alternate available dates, the type of program you would like, the number and age of the participants, and, where necessary, the fire station your wish to visit, the location of the class, or the location of the presentation.

If you, your group, or your business would like to schedule one of these activities, or have any questions about our Public Education Program, please contact the Office of Public Information & Relations at 203-977-5500.