Captain and Lieutenant Promotions

The Stamford Fire Department would like to congratulate the following members of the Stamford Fire Department on their recent promotions.  Well done!


  • Captain Ryan Kerwin
  • Captain Theodore Valenti
  • Captain Andrew Perry
  • Captain Carl Alton
  • Captain Michael McCullagh
  • Captain Shawn Sasser
  • Captain Joseph Dombrowski
  • Captain David Davis
  • Captain William O’Connell


  • Lieutenant Brian Teitelbaum
  • Lieutenant Donald Lowndes
  • Lieutenant Thomas Newman
  • Lieutenant Steven Klee
  • Lieutenant Theodore Stanek
  • Lieutenant David Williamson
  • Lieutenant Michael Sloditskie
  • Lieutenant Adam Silverstone
  • Lieutenant Joseph Maida
  • Lieutenant Kevin Connell
  • Lieutenant Martin Bucci
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