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Stamford, CT. – At 5:07 am Monday morning the 9-1-1 center received a call reporting that the side of the Super 8 Motel at 32 Grenhart Road was on fire. The caller reported that they believe they extinguished the fire but did not believe it was fully out. The Stamford Fire Department responded with four engines, one truck, one heavy rescue, and the deputy chief to find that a mulch fire, initiated by discarded smoking materials, had extended into a first-floor guest room wall. Firefighters overhauled the section of wall and extinguished the remaining fire finding that it was confined and had not extended further into the structure. The fire marshal’s office was called to the scene for cause and origin determination. There were no reported injuries. A total of 27 city firefighters responded to the incident. The final company left the scene at 6:30 am.

This was the most recent of several mulch fires that have resulted in property damage throughout the city. In most of these cases the fires were ignited by discarded smoking materials. The severe drought conditions in the area have exasperated this problem throughout the region. The public is advised to use care when discarding smoking materials in areas where mulch is spread. Please use firesafe receptacles or other safe methods to discard of smoking materials in order to prevent these types of fires.

Incident Number: 16-9440
Incident Date: Monday, November 07, 2016 at 6:53 AM
Incident Location: Super 8 Motel, 32 Grenhart Road, Stamford. CT. 06902


Deputy Fire Chief Patrick Tripodi
[email protected]
Office Phone: 203-977-4654

Mulch Fire Damages City Hotel

Posted: November 7, 2016
About the Author: Captain Philip Hayes
Captain Hayes is a 31-year veteran of the Stamford Fire Department. He is currently assigned to the East Side Fire Station #4 on Shippan Avenue. In addition to his regular Fire Officer duties, he is a Public Relations Officer, the developer of the website and serves on the Departments' IT Team. He is also an avid fan of Fire Department history.
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