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The Stamford Combined 911 Dispatch Center received a call at 15:11 reporting smoke coming from the hatch of a docked sailboat at Stamford Landing on Southfield Avenue. The boat was reported to be in the area of the Marina and Prime Resturant. Three Engines, a Truck Company, a Rescue Company, an Incident Commander as well as SFD Fire Boat 236 were all dispatched and responded. Firefighters were greeted by a witness who directed fire units to Dock E where it was discovered that a large sailboat was puffing black smoke from the fore and aft hatches. The 41-foot boat was unoccupied at the time of the fire. Stamford Firefighters forced open the cabin door and found that the cabin had been heavily charred by a fire, but had since put itself out. Firefighters wet down the remaining hot-spots using a water fire extinguisher.

The Fire Marshal Division responded to the scene by request of the Incident Commander and is investigating the cause of the fire which has yet to be announced. The boat was later turned over to the owner who was reportedly not in Stamford at the time of the fire.

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Jon Tenka, Puckstopper Photography
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Boat Fire Puts Itself Out at Stamford Dock

Posted: October 12, 2016
About the Author: Captain Philip Hayes
Captain Hayes is a 31-year veteran of the Stamford Fire Department. He is currently assigned to the East Side Fire Station #4 on Shippan Avenue. In addition to his regular Fire Officer duties, he is a Public Relations Officer, the developer of the website and serves on the Departments' IT Team. He is also an avid fan of Fire Department history.
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