Bird’s Nest Fire Darkens Baseball Game

(Stamford, CT) A one-alarm fire broke out in a large bird’s nest located on a light tower at Cubeta Stadium in Scalzi Park this evening leading to the cancellation of a baseball game in progress. At 9:27 pm the 9-1-1 center received a call reporting a fire on a light post.

Upon arrival firefighters found that a very large bird’s nest on top of the third baseline town was fully engulfed in fire raining embers down onto the field and bleachers. Firefighters evacuated civilians from danger and prevented ignition of the bleachers with a hose line. Additional fire companies, including a 75’ aerial ladder were called to the scene. The ladder was raised to the top of the light tower and water was applied to the nest and extinguished the fire.

Due to damage by the fire the lights were unusable so the baseball game, which was in progress at the time of the fire, was cancelled. A total of 14 firefighters on two engines, one truck, and one command vehicle responded to the alarm arriving within three minutes. There were no injuries reported and the damage was limited to the lighting system. The last fire company cleared the scene at 10:21 PM.