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Firefighters Render Care After Scene Is Secured By Stamford Police


1633 Washington Blvd

At 0326 hours, a limited box assignment of two Engines, a Truck and an Incident Commander were dispatched to 1633 Washington Blvd. for a reported activated fire alarm. 1633 Washington Blvd is directly across the street from the Fire Station #5, home to Engine 5, the first due fire company to that address.

While gearing up in station for their response, the Company Officer of Engine #5 was approached by an occupant of 1633 Washington Blvd. and reported that two individuals were actively fighting in the lobby and that one of them may have been stabbed. Engine #5 immediately notified the Stamford Combined Dispatch Center of the situation. The SFD Incident Commander instructed responding units to proceed to the location with extreme caution and to stage away from the building until the scene could be secured by responding Police Officers. From a distance, the Engine #5 Officer was able to confirm the fight and reported his findings to the responding Police through the Combined Dispatch Center.

Once Stamford Police Officers arrived and secured the scene, Engine 5 and Engine 1 personnel entered the building to assist with basic life support (BLS) of the injured parties. Other SFD crews investigated the fire alarm and determined that a pull station had been activated during the altercation.  There was no fire.

In all, SFD personnel rendered BLS care to three individuals, two of whom appeared to have puncture type wounds.  All patients were further treated and transported to the Emergency Department by Stamford EMS units who also responded to the scene.

Further details concerning the incident  must be obtained from Stamford Police.

Dispatched To Fire Alarm, Found A Fight Instead

Posted: June 9, 2015
About the Author: Captain Philip Hayes
Captain Hayes is a 31-year veteran of the Stamford Fire Department. He is currently assigned to the East Side Fire Station #4 on Shippan Avenue. In addition to his regular Fire Officer duties, he is a Public Relations Officer, the developer of the website and serves on the Departments' IT Team. He is also an avid fan of Fire Department history.
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