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Below is a an article from the December 18, 1874 Stamford Advocate that tells the story of a barn fire on Meadow Street.  Fire Apparatus from the Atlantic Hose Company needed to be hauled from the center of town to Meadow Street…twice, to roughly the area where U-Haul now stands.  There was no mention of the Gulf Stream Hose Company responding.  The 1879 map below shows several un-marked properties along Meadow Street, one of which could be the location of the old barn.  What is interesting is that there appears to be TWO Canal Streets in Stamford. One runs roughly where today’s Canal Street is, along the west side of the Canal.  The other runs from what is now Jefferson Street down to the end of Meadow Street on the East side of the Canal.

Special thanks to Dan Burke, son of former SFD Captain Dan Burke
at the Stamford Historical Society for the newspaper clipping.logo

Fagans Barn fire

The Stamford Advocate
December 18, 1874

A fire occurred on Sunday night. Matthew Fagan’s barn, containing about ten tons of hay, several implements of husbandry, a cow, and other property was destroyed by fire. Loss about $1000. Atlantic Hose Co. worked like beavers and saved the adjoining property. This company deserve great credit for the promptitude and efficiency which they exhibit at every fire. They are thoroughly organized and can be depended on every time. After they have been to this fire and exerted themselves to the utmost, they returned home feeling satisfied that the fire was thoroughly subdued, but another alarm having reached them, they went a second time to the scene of the fire, and remained until every spark had been put out. It was fortunate that the wind did not blow from the East as it would have been impossible to save the dwelling houses adjoining. Mr. Fagan’s property was not insured. He has lost his cow, is hey, his barn, etc., Which is hard luck for these times, but yet is thankful it was no worse. The fire he believes to be of incendiary origin.



December 18, 1874 – Meadow Street Barn Fire

Posted: February 1, 2015
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