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Stamford, CT – May 3, 2024 – At 18:53 the Stamford 911 Center began receiving calls reporting a possible fire in the area of Adams Ave and Ivy St.

The initial call, received at 18:53, alerted the Stamford Combined 911/Dispatch center to smoke emanating from the second floor of the residential property.

A subsequent call at 18:54 confirmed the observation of smoke by another individual, noting that a resident of the property had not been seen for quite some time.

In response to the emergency, a Structural Box Assignment comprising 3 Engines, 1 Truck, 1 Rescue, 1 Incident Commander, and a Rapid Intervention team was dispatched promptly.

At 18:57, the first engine arrived on the scene, reporting a WORKING FIRE in a 2-1/2 STORY WOOD-FRAME Residential structure with the correct address being 48 Powell Place. Engine Company 5, upon arrival, initiated firefighting efforts by stretching the first hoseline into the building while other crews began a search for victims.  Fire crews encountered heavy fire on the first and second floors and were impeded by severe hoarding conditions throughout the house making for a challenging operational environment.

By 19:22, approximately 25 minutes after the arrival of the first responders, the main body of the fire was successfully knocked down. However, the hoarding conditions impeded the primary search efforts. A secondary search commenced, leading to the discovery of a male victim amidst the hoarding materials on the first floor at 19:30.

The fire was declared under control by the on-scene Incident Commander at 19:36.

Following the containment of the fire multiple members of the Stamford Fire Marshal Division initiated an investigation into its cause and origin of the fire. The Office of the State Fire Marshal and the Arson Task Force were also engaged to support the investigation process.

Eversource was called to the scene to secure the utilities provided to the affected property.

Additionally, Stamford EMS remained on standby throughout the operation to ensure the well-being of Stamford firefighters.

The Stamford Fire Department expresses its gratitude to all responders involved in swiftly addressing this incident and extends its heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of the victim.

For further information or inquiries, please contact the Stamford Fire Department Public Information Officer listed below.


Incident Details (if applicable):

Incident Number: 24-04409
Incident Location: 48 Powell Place, Stamford, CT
Incident Date: 2024-05-03 18:50:00.0


Public Information Officer Philip Hayes
(203) 977-5600


Residential Structure Fire Claims Life of City Resident

Posted: May 3, 2024
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