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Daring Water Rescues Made During Dangerous Winter Storm Conditions


STAMFORD, CT (February 1, 2021) – At 2:10 PM this afternoon and during the peak of today's nor'easter, Stamford firefighters were alerted to a report of a vehicle in the water off of Cummings Park in Stamford.

First-arriving fire personnel found a 4-door pick-up truck partially submerged and floating approximately 40 feet off of the shore. A female occupant of the truck was visible and standing in the rear cargo area of the truck. The female occupant was shouting that there was a male occupant trapped inside the submerged cab of the truck. The extreme winds, snow, and tide continued to move the vehicle and cause it to fill with water.

3 firefighters wearing cold water rescue suits immediately entered the water and swam out to the truck's location. Simultaneously, the one of the fire department's 100' tower ladder trucks positioned as close to the water's edge as possible and deployed the aerial ladder out to the vehicle. Fire Department SCUBA divers from Rescue Co. 1 also arrived on scene and began to set up for a rescue diving operation.

The firefighters in the water were able to calm the female occupant and assist her into the tower ladder. As weather conditions continued to deteriorate, the vehicle continued to submerge deeper into the frigid waters of Long Island Sound. Firefighters attempted to extricate the male occupant through a small open rear window. However, his size made it very challenging. Firefighters in the water continued to work quickly as the vehicle became completely submerged. One firefighter maintained a physical hold on the man's arm and was able to pull him through the small window after the truck was completely under water. Once he was free, firefighters placed the man into the tower ladder and both occupants were brought to shore.

Once on shore, the occupants were transferred into the care of Stamford EMS Paramedics. The male occupant was transported to Stamford Hospital for further treatment. The female occupant refused medical treatment.

Firefighters and divers remained on scene and assisted with the securing and removal of the vehicle from the water.

No fire personnel were injured during the course of this incident.

The incident is under investigation by the Stamford Police Department.

A video compilation of the incident may be found at the Stamford Fire Department's YouTube page at:

Videos and photos may be distributed by press or media agencies. **Photo and video credit to the Stamford Fire Department.

Photo below: Initial arriving fire personnel found the vehicle floating approximately 40 feet off shore with one female occupant visible in the rear cargo area.

Photo below: Firefighters from Truck 1 and Engine 2 wearing cold water rescue suits quickly swim out the vehicle.

Photo below: One of the fire department's 100' tower ladder trucks is positioned at the edge of the water and deployed out to the vehicle.

Photo below: Both occupants were placed into the tower ladder and brought safely to shore.

After the vehicle was removed from the water, the small rear window is visible below:








Incident Details (if applicable):

Incident Number: 21-00720
Incident Location: 1 Cummings Point Park Marina
Incident Date: 2021-02-01 14:08:00.0


Deputy Fire Chief Matthew Palmer
(203) 977-5600


Stamford Firefighters Rescue Two People From Submerged Truck During Nor’Easter

Posted: February 1, 2021
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