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The City of Stamford Fire Department has had 3 fires today.

Incident # 20-01953 14:50 hours

At 2:50 pm the Stamford 911 Combined Dispatch Center received a telephone report of a brush fire on the train tracks behind Research Drive.  3 minutes later responding Stamford Fire Department units were advised of a second call placing the fire behind 535 Hope Street followed by another call 2 minutes later reporting the fire crossing the tracks and threatening the rear of United House Wrecking.  The first arriving fire unit Engine 7, stationed in the Springdale section of the city, reported the fire spreading to the rear of the structure with apparent live power lines down on the train tracks and requested additional resources.  Initial efforts to extinguish the fire were hampered by the danger from train traffic as well as the obvious power hazard.  Metro North RR confirmed a "Positive Hold" on the tracks bringing all train traffic to a halt.  The first due engine company made their way by means of an adjoining property to the rear of the structure but could not begin effective extinguishment until Metro North could confirm that the power was shut down.  A fire unit was also sent into Research Park to spray water from across the tracks.  Additional units were sent into the large, warehouse type structure and fought the increasing fire from the inside and a unit was deployed onto the roof to try to head off extension from that vantage.  The Incident Commander struck a 2nd Alarm at 3:07.  Due to the geography and layout of the property and structure and the location of the fire, 3 simultaneous points of attack were set up each requiring their own water supply.  At about 3:20 MTA confirmed that the power was secure and final extinguishment and overhaul operations were undertaken with the fire being declared under control at approximately 3:30. 

The Stamford Fire Department responded with  7 career and 1 volunteer engines, 2 career and 1 volunteer trucks, the heavy rescue company, the duty deputy chief, the Springdale and Belltown volunteer fire chiefs, the on-call safety officer, and numerous command and support personnel bringing a total of 48 career and approximately 12 volunteer firefighters to the scene.  A Stamford EMS ALS ambulance and supervisor stood by.  Stamford Police provided traffic and scene control.  Metro North Police and Metro North Safety personnel assisted at the scene as well.  No injuries were reported as a result of the fire.  The SFD Office of the Fire Marshal is investigating the blaze.

Incident # 20-01956 15:16 hours

During the height of the Hope St. fire at 3:16pm the Stamford 911 Combined Dispatch Center received a telephone report of a fire at a house under construction at 64 Betts Ave in the city's West Side district.  Subsequent reports prior to the arrival of the FD indicated a possible porch fire.  The first arriving fire unit reported a smoke condition in the rear of the residence and a working fire was declared.  Further investigation revealed the fire to be confined to a pile of construction debris and materials in the rear of the structure.  The fire was quickly extinguished and the cause and origin are under investigation by the SFD Office of the Fire Marshal.

Incident Details (if applicable):

Incident Number: 20-01953 & 20-01956
Incident Location: 535 Hope Street & 64 Betts Avenue
Incident Date: 2020-03-07 14:50:00.0


Deputy Fire Chief John Pritchard
(203) 977-5600


Simultaneous fires in Stamford during St. Patrick’s Parade

Posted: March 7, 2020
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