Father Robert Post – Department Chaplain

Father Robert PostWelcome to the Stamford Fire Department’s WWW Site! You may be wondering, “What is a Catholic Priest doing in the Fire Services?” Let me explain for you the main functions of a Fire Department Chaplain. They are to help firefighters and their families meet spiritual and temporal needs. Of all the areas into which a Chaplain may be involved, these are the principal responsibilities.. A Chaplain may use different ways to bring about Biblical truths and insights to an individual or his family but to me personally, the most important factor is to be available at all times and to respond immediately when called upon. This includes being present at fire scenes and in the Stations on a regular basis.

I am a member of the Federation of Fire Chaplains, (FFC), comprising of almost 800 Clergy of different denominations throughout the United States and Canada. The purpose of the FFC is bring together those of us Clergy who are willing to provide effective spiritual assistance to the Departments which we serve. To accomplish this we share and exchange ideas and concerns that influence the quality of life of all the members of the Fire Service and their families. The meetings and conferences which we have are great means of encouragement and support in our work as Chaplains. Visit the FFC web site at http://www.firefighting.com/chaplains/

I am proud to serve as the Catholic Chaplain for the Stamford Fire Department. May God bless all of you!

Father Robert Post
Stamford Fire & Rescue Department Chaplain